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公司简介 - 武汉爱弥尔文都创意设计有限公司
AME is a professional design company that focuses on the spatial planning, artistic conception, use function and aesthetic integration of kindergartens and schools, and can perfectly implement the design concept. Provide kindergarten-based professional consulting, product personalized design, research and development, material distribution, decoration construction, quality inspection to acceptance services a series of complete and meticulous process services.
Emile creative design has a first-class domestic design team and advanced design concept. Our team has a deep understanding of pre-school education and a vivid and rich creative thinking, and fully implements the design concept of decoration and construction integration. Rich practical experience enables us to better understand the real needs of kindergarten audiences.
After more than ten years of precipitation, our team has completed the consulting and design work of nearly 600 kindergartens across the country, and implemented the integrated services of nearly 100 decoration and construction. Starting from the psychological characteristics of children and the principle of pre-school education curriculum, our team integrates knowledge, color, light and other elements into the indoor environment, so that children can be like a fairytale hall of knowledge to inspire wisdom and improve their cognitive ability, which has been widely praised by kindergarten directors all over the country.
For the future of the motherland, parents hope, we will continue to improve their own, excellence, to create a more consistent with the growth of children's dream space!

Origin of corporate culture: innovation·happiness·love
核心价值观务实创新 德行合一
Core values: Practical, innovative and moral integration
Company mission: Create a garden where children are happy and meaningful every day.
Corporate vision: Become China education space design brand leader.
Service purpose: Sincere integrity, concentric peer.
Goal: Realize the research and implementation of education spatial integration in kindergarten.